By Josh Schonfeld

Aptly titled “Opening Night,” the debut single by VERIS is a mix of 80s synths and stadium rock with an indie-pop melody akin to Neon Trees.  While this Boston duo may be new to the pop scene, they show no fear on their maiden voyage.  Lead vocalist, AJ Edwards, provides Joe Jonas-style vocals while drummer, Mark Hylander, propels the track forward with a driving synth beat.

What sets “Opening Night” apart is their approach to the building of the track.  Each new layer adds to the metaphor of being in front of a live audience.  The song begins with a flurry of muffled drum beats as if they’re building the set, then the jittery synth line begins as the band waits nervously backstage and the cheers of a live audience can be heard as AJ steps out to begin singing.

While I’m normally a stickler for proper pronunciation in songs, as evidenced by Katy Perry’s “unKUNdiSHUNalLY,” or Lorde’s “bed-a-room” in “Green Light,” AJ’s off-kilter pronunciation of “stars” in the bridge doesn’t bother me.  If he keeps it throughout the album, then I may have to change my tune.  For now, however, it adds a charming quality to the already catchy tune.

“Opening Night” provides an appropriate introduction to this new band as they set to prove their worth in the wide world of pop.  The track is a perfect addition to any pre-game summer playlist between the sultry funk of Calvin Harris and the sweet bubblegum pop of Carly Rae Jepsen.