By Josh Schonfeld

One of my guilty pleasures since 2010 has been the Swedish pop star, Eric Saade.  If you haven’t heard of him, I implore you to check out his numerous hits such as “Manboy,” “Hotter Than Fire,” “Colors,” and “Imagine” with Norwegian singer, Tone Damli.  You will not be disappointed, I promise.  “Another Week” is yet another hit in Saade’s discography as he pushes his sound from 80s synths to the trendy chill pop of today.

“Another Week” employs a driving dance beat to keep the rhythm up while the vocals and lyrics provide the more soothing tones of the song.  The track is a happy medium between Saade’s early work being a teen pop star and his moody EP, entitled Saade, released last year.  While it is a variant of the sound made popular by Jonas Blue, it still shows that Saade is more than just catchy lyrics and a cute face (although that certainly doesn’t hurt).

With his Eurovision days behind him, it is time for Saade to look towards a more mature discography, which “Another Week” is.  Although we will all miss the days of “Girl From Sweden” and “Sting,” it is imperative that Saade continues his growth as an artist.