By Josh Schonfeld

For a long time, I’ve tried to like the English singer known as Dua Lipa.  I have a soft spot for people of Kosovar descent for some odd reason, so I always make it a point to listen to any track she comes out with it.  Unfortunately, I just could not connect with “Be the One” or “Hotter than Hell” and only found lukewarm fondness for “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “Scared to Be Lonely” with Martin Garrix.  I finally realized that I’m simply not British enough to like appreciate Dua Lipa’s sound because it’s not until she released “Lost In Your Light” with Miguel, her most American-sounding single to date, that I was finally able to shower her with praise and let the world know that yes, I too love Dua Lipa.

“Lost In Your Light” is the perfect marriage between Dua Lipa and Miguel’s sounds.  The R&B slow jam lyrics and melody of Miguel charge through Dua Lipa’s synthpop groove to create a sexy love song that you can still dance to, which is always tough to do.  The track is similar to “#Beautiful” by Mariah Carey and Miguel with more dance and less soft whispering coos, which is just as well because who needs whisper vocals when you’ve got such sultry vocals like Dua Lipa.

If Dua Lipa can take what she’s learned from Miguel and pull from his R&B expertise, then she can certainly become a mainstay on American radio.  “Lost In Your Light” is validation that my suspicions were correct about how big Dua Lipa could be here with the right single and I’m proud to finally be able to share her with all of you.