By Josh Schonfeld

After the anticlimactic release of her latest album, entitled Joanne, in the fall of 2016, Lady GaGa looked to be going the Cyndi Lauper route of releasing two enormous albums and then disappearing from pop radio yet still ride off the star power of her hits to become a cooky icon.  It wasn’t until her GOAT Super Bowl performance that not only brought her back into the good grace of the American public but also serenaded the New England Patriots to a stunning comeback.  A few months later, she is headlining Coachella after Beyoncé had to drop out and just released her best single since “Applause” back in 2013.

“The Cure” is a light-hearted pop slow jam that has Mariah Carey shaking in her boots.  While there is a lack of whistle notes, a Mariah signature, the track shows off GaGa’s strong and steady voice as well as her expertise in writing catchy melodies.  The track begins with her silky vocals sliding into our ears as the beat lures us into an explosive chorus that is so easy to sing along with, you’ll be ready for karaoke before it’s even over. 

After the spastic noise-fest that was Born This Way, ARTPOP, and Joanne, “The Cure” is a well-needed respite for the ears.  GaGa utilized a “less is more” technique to provide the public with what it wants (finally).  Sure, the song isn’t groundbreaking or innovative, but it still showcases her immense talents as an artist.  Similar to “Fashion of His Love” on Born This Way or “Million Reasons” on Joanne, sometimes a simple pop song done well is the perfect palette cleanser after the noise that came before.  No schtick, just GaGa.