By Josh Schonfeld

Infamous lyricist is back with another attempt to stay relevant.  “Fiyah” is yet another Bruno Mars-style throwback track with a funky beat and thumping bassline.  This is will the compliments will end however, as the song (and I use the term loosely) is more just a hodge-podge of words strewn together to try and fit into an otherwise interesting instrumentation.

The most egregious error is’s insistence on rhyming the same word over and over.  Each verse uses a different word to continually end with.  Using “this,” “that,” and “here” over and over makes the song sound more like a lazy first draft than a finished product.  The chorus isn’t any better with filling space before the beat drops out with “ooh ahh ooh ahh ooh ahh” that’s reminiscent of The Fugees’ version of “No Woman, No Cry” while also trying to put the attention on himself similar to Ariana’s Grande’s “Focus” by repeating “look at me, look at me.”  Now I love repetition as much as the next one and stuttering can make me weak in the knees if done right, but “Fiyah” sounds like a YouTube video stuck in buffering hell.

Maybe instead of constantly telling us how awesome you are, you should back it up with lyrics that don’t sound like Kanye West mad libs,  While he is adept at creating infectious beats, he still stumbles with writing a proper song that doesn’t make his English teachers hang their heads in shame.