By Josh Schonfeld

It’s been a minute since The Chainsmokers have released a new single and yet again, they have a hit on their hands with “The One.”  Following the formula of “Paris” and “Closer,” The Chainsmokers have created yet another introspective, thoughtful piece of chill EDM pop that will get you both dancing and thinking, which is a deadly combination.

The track opens with ethereal Imogen Heap-esque “oohs” as the piano provides Andrew Taggert the perfect background to apologize for being a douchebag. “The One” is a heartfelt apology with palpable emotion in Andrew Taggart’s vocals, who has decided to put a slight British accent like he’s trying to hide it but simply has to let it escape every so often.  It’s a little disconcerting but we’ll have to see if the rest of the album (Memories…Do Not Open is out April 7th) hold this pretentious accent.  Also, uncredited female vocalist #1 was totally unneeded and takes away from the personal lyrics Andrew is singing.  The bridge breakdown is an excellent showcase of staccato boops and beeps alluding to the many failed attempts one usually faces when both apologizing and ending a relationship.

I know I’m supposed to hate The Chainsmokers for being overexposed douchebag fratboys like the media wants me to, but I simply cannot do it.  They have an innate talent for melodies and “The One” is no exception.  Not only are they masters at the beats, they also have some of the most touching lyrics without being bogged down by heavy metaphors or imagery.  It’s simple pop at its finest and for that, I applaud them.