By Josh Schonfeld

After a string of unfortunate flops and bad press, it seemed like poor Iggy Azalea was as dead as the dodo.  Then, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she releases her most irresistible jam since her breakthrough hit, “Fancy.”  “Mo Bounce” is a Far East Movement-produced deep house banger that refuses to be influenced by current pop trends.  While certainly not radio friendly, “Mo Bounce” will get you shakin’ it like you’re having the night of your life at the hottest gay club in town (you know I will be).

The track begins with Iggy repeating its title along with the line, “mo bounce in the mothaf-ing house.”  With a heart-pumping reverb beat reminiscent of a RuPaul catwalk stomp, this club jam chugs along as you drop it lower and lower.  Iggy’s flow is as fresh and crisp as ever without a trace of that fake hood accent she had tried out in her previous EP.

It seems that by giving the middle finger to staying mainstream, she has created her most accessible single yet.  While you probably won’t have to fear “Mo Bounce” getting overplayed on the radio, it’s about to become a staple in dance clubs everywhere.  Looks like Iggy’s comeback is finally back on track and it could not have come a moment too soon for her stagnant career.