By Josh Schonfeld

Still searching for their big break, LANY is a Los Angeles-based indie-pop band that is essential for any chill out playlist.  Their previous singles, “4EVER!,” “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS,” and “ILYSB” have all made The PoP Explo$ion Spotify playlist at one point or another and it looks as though “Good Girls” is no different.

The 80s dream-pop instrumentation matches the almost-hypnotic vocals of lead singer, Paul Jason Klein, with the guitar plucks breaking you out of your reverie.  The whirring synths are reminiscent of the soundtrack from Donkey Kong Country 2, one of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time (OF ALL TIME!!).  The lyrics describe a heartfelt plea for his former lover to remember the good times and return to his arms.  Filled with imaginative metaphors and similes, the literary prowess of LANY is only equaled by the masterful melody.

Will this be their breakthrough single to gain notoriety in the US?  Who can say at this point, but one can hope.  With their previous offerings and “Good Girls” as the lead single off their debut album, also titled Good Girls, they are certainly off to a good start and fill a niche not typically heard on the airwaves.