By Josh Schonfeld

In case you’re tired of hearing about Ed Sheeran’s global dominance or about to puke from the amount of times you’ve heard The Chainsmokers in a single day, here’s a #1 you didn’t know existed.  Twice is a South Korean girl group with nine members.  How people keep track of them, I’ll never know since I have a tough time remembering everyone in Fifth Harmony and that’s only four.  “Knock Knock” recently hit #1 in their native South Korea earlier this year due to its infectious beat and sing-along lyrics.

The track is a mature approach to the juvenile style of K-Pop by employing a stronger bassline and keeping the frills to a minimum.  The heavy electric beat mixes well with the repetitive style of the chorus.  You’ll be hard pressed not to have “Kn-kn-kn kn-knock on my door” stuck in your head after just one listen.

I certainly appreciate JYP Entertainment for adding subtitles to the music video so non-Korean speakers are able to enjoy both the melody and meaning of the song.  It’s the typical slumber party-style of the 60s where a bunch of girls get together to gush about their crush and how all he needs to do is “knock on [their] door” in order to get their love.

Twice unfortunately will follow in the footsteps of their fellow countrymen and fail to break into the American market with “Knock Knock,” which is a shame because if I have this earworm of a chorus stuck in my head, then so should everyone else around me.