By Josh Schonfeld

It’s been three long years since Lorde released her first studio album, Pure Heroine, back in fall of 2013 and now, she is back with her first single, “Green Light.”  The track is a departure from her brooding debut with its uninhibited joyous piano mixed with scathing, cathartic lyrics to create a “dancing with tears in my eyes” sensation.  This change in sound makes sense since Lorde can no longer sing about not being famous as she one of the most powerful teens in the industry nowadays.

The track begins with a pissed off Lorde recounting a failed relationship.  With just a piano behind her, she repeatedly whispers, “liar” after listing everything holding her back and continuing her obsession with teeth.  The piano then picks up speed as she runs to her “green light” that tells her she can move on from the relationship.  The chorus is a powerful sing-along style euphoria that lets you scream out all your insecurities.

Lorde proves that every ending is the new beginning that offers new and exciting adventures, no matter how broken you are.  We’re all looking for that “green light” to move on with our lives, the only issue is what that “green light” means to each person individually.  The voice of our generation is finally back and I could not be happier.