By Josh Schonfeld

Calvin Harris is back to once again claim his Song of the Summer title with “Slide” featuring Frank Ocean and Migos.  Previous summer titles include “This Is What You Came For” with Rihanna and of course, “Summer.”  Moving from London to LA has certainly done wonders for Harris, who has fallen in love with the visual of driving by sun-kissed palm trees in a convertible, so naturally, he made a song to fit that visual perfectly.

The track’s intro and outro are a bit grating with a pitched-up voice whines on and on.  It’s not until the funky beat comes in and Ocean begins crooning that the song truly begins.  Ocean provides the perfect monotone mumble to this delectable trop-pop song as it transports you to a hot day on the beach immediately.  Now, I’m the first to admit I wasn’t a fan of Migos going into this and assumed they were some rent-a-rapper Harris tacked on to get more viewers.  Everyone does it, so I couldn’t fault him for it.  But Migos holds their own and adds a lively contrast to Ocean’s more chill vocals.  Their flow sounds as pleasing to the ear as the sun does on your skin.

If “Slide” is any indication of what’s to come for Harris’s new album, then it looks we already have the soundtrack to summer 2017 and it’s only February.