By Josh Schonfeld

I’m not usually a fan of pre-mature emissions, but when it’s the new Zedd/Alessia Cara track, I am all for it.  While more low-key than the 14-second clip from earlier in the week had suggested, “Stay” is still a powerhouse production by German producer Zedd.   It’s also a welcome addition to Alessia Cara’s discography, who desperately needed to show her lighter side.  Who knew I would actually crave more of her after her whiny debut single, “Here” tortured me for months on end.

The song begins with an introspective verse by Cara, who builds the tempo up with each word until Zedd pulls the cord and drops the beat into the chorus.  Zedd has finally learned that you don’t need to throw in all your tricks into one track and that less is more.  His previous hits such as “Stay the Night” and “I Want You to Know” are calamities of noise for the most part with copious amounts of unneeded vocal production.  On “Stay,” Zedd keeps the boops and beeps to a minimum during the verses, providing a pleasing contrast to the more electrifying chorus that includes a ticking clock throughout to go along with Cara’s “All you gotta do is stay a minute, just take your time.”

Could this be the beginning of a whole new Zedd?  Has Alessia Cara finally done enough to get back into my good graces?  One thing is for sure: This record is gonna “stay” on my playlist for quite some time.