By Josh Schonfeld

You may remember M. Pokora from the Best (and Worst) of 2016 as the winner of Best French Song.  Well, he’s at it again with his latest single, “Alexandrie, Alexandra.”  M. Pokora has pulled out all the stops in the latest video, especially in terms of the dancing.  Ever wonder what Bruno Mars would look like if he were a Frenchman?  M. Pokora has finally fulfilled that fantasy!  Between the incredible cinematography, snappy dancing, and overall hotness of M. Pokora, the song itself almost takes a backseat.

But don’t worry, I was able to focus on something other than his body for just over four minutes and get a proper read on the tune.  Fitting with the theme of his latest album, it is another cover of a Claude François disco classic.  While it’s a bit repetitive, the delivery of the chorus makes it irresistibly catchy even for non-French speakers.  Not to mention Bruno Mars again, but the updated beat is essentially “24K Magic” reworked while his vocals channel Justin Timberlake and his falsetto.  For some reason though, it still feels fun and exciting instead of a retread.

Could I be clouded by my love for M. Pokora?  Sure, but isn’t that part of his shtick anyways?  How do you think One Direction sold all those albums?  It certainly wasn’t with their vocals and artistry!  If nothing else, “Alexandrie, Alexandra” will put a smile on your face and get you ready to face the day ahead.