By Josh Schonfeld

Hailing all the way from Norway, Gabrielle is a pop darling that is just screaming for international attention.  “Vekk Meg Opp” (“Wake Me Up” for those non-Norwegians) is a hard-hitting pop song with a Japanese-style dance beat.  So basically, the music Avril Lavigne wishes she could make.  Sure, you can’t understand anything she’s saying, but you can’t understand Ariana Grande either and we still love her, right?  Nobody sings the correct lyrics to songs anyways, so it’s basically like a version of Kiiara’s “Gold.”

Gabrielle’s other hits include “Ring meg (Call Me),” where she looks like a Norwegian Kesha traveling around to various telephone booths in London, as well as “5 fine frøkner (5 Fine Girls),” which is a hard-hitting club jam that uses the word “clubbidubbin.”  I nor Google translate know that that means, but it doesn’t matter.  I’m still using it to describe my drunken escapades whenever I go out now.