By Josh Schonfeld

“We ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’.  We ain’t worried ‘bout nada.”  This is how they began their first televised performance without Camila Cabello, who recently left the group to work on her solo project.  Typically, when a member of a successful group leaves, the remaining members put out one final album that underperforms and then calls it quits themselves.  Just look at Spice Girls, One Direction, or even S Club 7.  What makes Fifth Harmony different is that their level of popularity isn’t nearly as big as the groups previously mentioned.  With only one true hit to their name (“Work From Home”), this departure by Cabello really just gave the group publicity to use as a catalyst to true stardom.

Don’t believe me that this could be a good thing?  Let’s take a look at their first performance without Cabello on the People’s Choice Awards.  For the first time ever, Fifth Harmony actually used harmony!  Unfortunately for them, their name is still a misnomer as they are down to four members, but I digress.  After their re-invented first line of harmony, each member performed a live solo while their name shined above them in bright lights.  This was done as a way to introduce the girls to America and show they each have their own distinct personality.  Before this performance, I couldn’t have told you a single girls’ name.  Think of all the successful boy or girl groups from the past.  You know they’re successful if you can name each person in that group and label them as a distinct personality/appearance trait, whether it’s “the cute one,” “the crazy one,” or even “the ugly one” (sorry, Kevin Jonas).

For the first time in their careers, the girls were able to sing live and do choreography at the same all while looking like they actually belonged on that stage.  Was Cabello the diva of the group that would sabotage rehearsals, therefore making the group look bad in every performance?  Was she demanding a solo in every song, ruining the flow the group?  It could just be that 4 is a more manageable number for a girl group.  That way, each girl gets a verse, one girl gets the bridge, and everyone sings the chorus.  We may never know the actual reason, but I will say that Fifth Harmony has never looked better, even if their name STILL doesn’t make sense.  It certainly hasn’t hurt Cabello, who currently has a top ten hit of her own with the Machine Gun Kelly duet, “Bad Things.”

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