By Josh Schonfeld

Known for the DJ Snake remix of their song, “You Know You Like It” back in 2015, AlunaGeorge has added their hat to the summer songs ring and released their latest single.  “Mean What I Mean” can best be described as a demented dance bop that utilizes 90s melodies and themes and revitalizing them with a chop and screw beat.  Think that description was confusing?  Well, just listen to the track and you’ll understand.

“Mean What I Mean” opens with a pulsing bass beat with added snaps as Aluna Francis explains why she just doesn’t want to dance with you.  It then goes into a catchy chorus that’s impossible not to sing along with.  Then comes the twisted blare of an out-of-tune trumpet to symbolize the annoying bloke who won’t leave her alone.

Dreezy spits out a rapid-fire rap reminiscent of the controversial Azealia Banks in “212” and continuing with the 90s sound of the track.  Dreezy has no qualms about telling this guy off as she confidently states, “You wanna see me?  Gotta make an appointment, that’s right. / I hit ‘em with that ‘Oh no, I got a boyfriend.’”

After another chorus and bridge by Francis in which she warns the man to keep his hands off her before she goes “mental,” Leikeli47 blasts onto the track to finally put an end to these advances.  With a fierce flow that gets her message across, Leikeli47 provides that extra oomph to complement the more understated vocals of Francis.

“Mean What I Mean” is what Meghan Trainor’s “NO” wishes it could have been.  From its throwback to the 90s to the “no boys allowed” message that would make Kandi Burress proud, this track is sure to make a splash both in the US and across the pond in Europe this summer.

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