By Josh Schonfeld

Two years after their hit, “Pompeii,” took the US by storm, Bastille is back with the lead single off their second studio album, Wild World.  “Good Grief” begins with a soundbite of Kelly Le Brock from 80’s cult classic, Weird Science, before a Paula Abdul drum machine starts a clapping melody.  Elongated syllables in a whispered tone come next as the mystery of what the rest of the track contains is revealed.

As with all Bastille songs, the British accent is front and center, which makes it such a great sing-along tune.  What American doesn’t like to put on a British accent!  Not only does it set their songs apart from the rest of American radio, it also provides a genuine tone to the band, showing they aren’t willing to “Americanize” themselves for a hit.

The track explodes with jubilation by the time the chorus hits.  If it’s one thing Bastille gets right, it’s an explosive chorus that is filled with earworms to get stuck in your head.  The heavy drum beat replaces the background claps in such a jarring way that it forces the listener to pay attention as lead singer, Dan Smith, belts out, “Every second and every hour I miss you, I miss you, I miss you more.”

“Good Grief” provides a breath of fresh air to pop radio, especially compared to the dark and brooding tones of Drake and The Chainsmokers and the overly cheery vibes of Justin Timberlake.  Bastille easily balances real instrumentation with retro 808s to create a unique modern pop/rock sound.  Not to be redundant from the previous blog post, “Good Grief” has a good chance of becoming the song of the summer both in the US and across the pond in the band’s home of Great Britain.

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